Number of unemployed in SGB II in Borken county further decreased

Number of unemployed in SGB II in Borken county further decreased

Borken County. The number of SGB II unemployed in Borken county declined again in November. This is what District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The "Jobcenter in Borken County" has a total of 2019 eligible employees who are registered as unemployed for the month of November 4.113. Compared with October, the number of SGB II unemployed has fallen by 108 persons and by 92 persons compared to the same month last year. The quota of unemployed basic pension recipients in the civilian workforce thus remains at the current low of 1,9 percent.
"The SGB II unemployment rate fell comparatively sharply in the past month - fortunately, the trend from the previous months to the end of the year continues," says District Administrator. Kai Zwicker. "This is once again an indication of how strong our domestic economy is." Overall, the SGB II need for assistance declined further in November and is also positive in comparison to the previous year: For example, 227 are syndicates with 576 persons less dependent on support than in November 2018.
Also, the total number of eligible workers decreased in November and is currently at 9.798 persons (- 79). This also includes men and women who are currently taking part in integration measures and young people from 15 years who are attending school and are therefore currently not available to the labor market. Persons who, in addition to their gainful employment, supplement their benefits according to the 2. Social Code (SGB II) are also included in this group. Including their children under 15 years and the other ineligible relatives have in October 14.594 persons (- 100) in 7.102 needs communities (- 68) basic protection for jobseekers received.
The current unemployment figures in SGB II in the cities and municipalities of the district are shown in the attached graph.
The unemployment rate of 1,9 percent in the district of Borken can not be broken down to the individual towns and communities. In addition, there is a lack of the community-related number of civilian labor force. In the alternative, the quota based on the population group from 15 to 65 years is suitable for the comparison between the places. This age group is generally considered to be employable under the Second Social Code. The auxiliary quotas can be found in the attached graphic.

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