Objective: Strengthening the innovative ability of companies in Münsterland

Objective: Strengthening the innovative ability of companies in Münsterland

Strengthening the innovative ability of small and medium-sized companies in the Münsterland is the focus of the joint project NRW.Innovationpartner, which is located at Münsterland eV. One of the main tasks is to qualify consultants in the region so that they can support companies in the Münsterland even more competently with innovation projects. In addition to training courses on current innovation and digitization topics, the training to become an innovation coach was an important milestone in 2019 and 2020. Seven players from the Münsterland have now successfully completed this.
“The innovation coaches help to build a sustainable and lively innovation culture in Münsterland. They have acquired practice-oriented methods and work formats with which they can also impart even more skills in the field of innovation to other people and companies, ”emphasizes Pia Tovar, project coordinator of NRW.Innovationspartner in Münsterland.
The innovation coach training took place in cooperation with the Verrocchio Institute for Innovation Competence. This institute trains people around the world in the fields of innovation, transformation and coaching. The training to become an innovation coach conveys the necessary innovation know-how in three modules and consolidates this in a twelve-month practical phase. In this way, the partners from the Münsterland network received a lot of valuable input for advice - from brainstorming and evaluating ideas to moderating creative workshops and innovation projects.
The project topics in the practical phase were chosen by the participants themselves. They reflect the diverse areas of activity of regional innovation funding, as the following list shows:
• Christian Holterhues from the economic development agency developed and tested a concept for the implementation of remote workshops for the Coesfeld GmbH district.
• Stephanie Koch and Stefan Adam from the Münster University of Applied Sciences devoted themselves to the development of innovation projects with the Münster University of Applied Sciences research institutes and companies.
• Sonja Raiber from Münsterland eV shows in her project how the Event Canvas can be used to design innovative event formats that are of real benefit to the participants.
• How the ability to innovate in companies can be measured and changed is demonstrated by Dr. Markus Könning from the economic development agency for the district of Borken GmbH with his project result.
• Bernd Büdding from Münsterland eV uses the Design Thinking method to develop innovative technology scouting offers for companies in the Münsterland.
• In her practical project, Pia Tovar from Münsterland eV shows how Design Thinking and other innovative methods can be used in communication practice.
Further information, contact details and the final presentations by the Innovation Coaches from the Münsterland are available at muensterland.com/nrw-innovationspartner and from Pia Tovar, tovar@muensterland.com, 02571 949338.
More about NRW innovation partners
The NWR.Innovationspartner project started in February 2017 and aims to strengthen the innovative capacity of small and medium-sized companies in the Münsterland region. In order to guarantee this, Münsterland eV and its project partners support institutional innovation and digitization advice in the Münsterland. The network partners of the project include the district economic subsidies, the Münster Chamber of Crafts, the TAFH Münster as the central innovation and project development company of the Münster University of Applied Sciences, and the Münster technology subsidy. The regional innovation promotion within the project is also supported by municipal economic development agencies, the Westphalian University, the IHK North Westphalia, the digital hub münster.LAND and the Münster Chamber of Agriculture.
NRW.Innovationpartner in Münsterland is funded by the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and supported by a back office located at NRW.BANK.

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