Two founders, one thought: "Unpacked" and "loose & good" are applying for Startup the City funding program

Two founders, one thought: "Unpacked" and "loose & good" are applying for Startup the City funding program

A project group of the upper stage of the Bocholter St.-Josef Gymnasium wants to make a lasting contribution against the littering of the earth through plastic and found a so-called "unpacked shop". The funding program "Startup the City" of Stadtmarketing is to help. The provides for such purposes - as reported - from funds of the country for a few months for free a shop in the Easter street. However, the students have competition. For the Bocholterin Jennifer Feige-Grosskopf wants to open in the late summer under the title "loose & good" an unpacked store and has applied for exactly the same funding program.

So-called unpacked shops always offer food, sweets, soaps and detergents open or, if necessary, in reusable (deposit) containers. Customers can fill up or pack the required amount themselves and buy in this way plastic-free. Numerous new start-ups have already been created in Germany.

The Kapu Group is currently in the process of setting up a non-profit "unpacked association" to raise the necessary seed capital. It is planned that the operation of the shop will be permanently connected to the subject social science. Pupils thus promote environmental awareness and sustainability and make their first experiences with the subject of economics, according to Anne Ewig. "The students have incredibly good and broad ideas about the product range, shop equipment and marketing. In the middle of June we will participate in a founders seminar of a "unpacked" professional in Münster. Now we hope that we will be successful in the startup competition! ", It continues on the homepage.

Similar thoughts have Jennifer Feige-Grosskopf. According to her own statements, she is already "very far" with her plans and has joined the professional association of unpacked shops in Germany and the German-speaking EU "Der Unverpackt eV". The business model stands and first suppliers are addressed, says the Bocholterin to Made in Bocholt. She is open-minded to the ideas of the Kapu students. "Maybe we'll call each other soon," she says.

Photo: The project group of the upper level of the Bocholt St.-Josef Gymnasium is in the middle of the preparations. Source: Kapu

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