Two new rescue transport vehicles for the rescue service in the Borken district

Two new rescue transport vehicles for the rescue service in the Borken district

The Borken fire and rescue station and the Reken rescue station will each receive a new ambulance: The district of Borken, as the provider of the rescue service, has now accepted the two vehicles together with representatives of the rescue services involved and transferred them to Borken and Reken. "It is very important to me that the emergency services in the district are constantly improved," says District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker about it. The new Mercedes Sprinters, especially the new ambulance for the guard in Borken, will contribute to this in the future. This is already equipped with the emergency doctor technology, which is expected to be used in Borken from spring. The employees will be trained in the use of the tele-emergency doctor system in February / March.

Both vehicles were built in Neubrandenburg by the company “Fahrtec”, ie the chassis have a “suitcase” with the ambulance equipment on each. They also get the typical design of an ambulance. The special thing about the vehicle for the Borkener Wache is that it is equipped with a tele-emergency doctor system. This is already clearly visible from the outside, because the ambulance carries the additional imprint “Telenotarzt”. The costs for both vehicles including equipment are around 250.000 euros.

To the background:
The emergency doctor system was installed in the new ambulance for the fire and rescue station in Borken, because there are frequent transfers from the “stroke unit” station of the Borken hospital to neurosurgery in Recklinghausen. It is imperative that an emergency doctor accompany you on these relocation trips. However, it is only in the rarest of cases that the emergency doctor has to intervene. That is why it is planned to cover these journeys with the help of the tele-emergency doctor service in the event of relocation journeys for stable patients, so that the emergency doctor can be called in in an emergency and further measures can be initiated if necessary.

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