Biodiversity funding program for private property owners

Biodiversity funding program for private property owners

Bocholt (PID). Especially this year, which was under the motto “Vacation at home”, many will have come to appreciate their own garden again. A garden can not only offer recreation for people, but also a habitat for many plant and animal species. The city refers to the biodiversity funding program, which promotes biodiversity on private areas in the Bocholt city area.
Especially with regard to the death of insects, even small positive changes have a big impact. “I took the photo of the admiral in my own garden at the beginning of November,” says Rainer Ebbing from the Bocholt city council. “It's always great to experience biodiversity right outside the patio door. Therefore, I attach great importance to a diverse range of flowers in the garden, which provides insects with food over the course of the year. "

This is exactly where the program to promote biodiversity on private areas in the Bocholt city area comes into play. It is intended to motivate the creation of flowering areas and the planting of native trees on areas from 100m². An informal application can be submitted to the City of Bocholt (Urban Green Area, must be submitted. 50% of the material costs can be funded with up to 1000 euros.

For those who not only live in Bocholt, but also work, the “Business & Biodiversity” funding program offers additional support for the ecologically valuable greening of commercial areas.
Further information on the current funding programs of the city of Bocholt can be found at:

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