Work on the supplementary building of the Borkener district house is on schedule

Work on the supplementary building of the Borkener district house is on schedule

Borken district. The planning support group for the supplementary building of the district house, which consists of representatives of the parliamentary groups and groups of the district council, now found out about the current project status. District construction director Hubert Grothues explained the interim development of the construction project while inspecting the construction site - taking the appropriate clearance and hygiene measures into account. And that is positive: The work there is “on schedule,” Hubert Grohues was able to report: The structural work is well advanced. The upper floor is currently being built in the control center area. Clinker, window and installation work has also started. District Administrator Dr. In this context, Kai Zwicker emphasized that close political support for large construction projects had already proven itself in the construction of the cult Westmünsterland in Vreden. "I would like to expressly thank the members of the supplementary construction planning support group for their great commitment," said Dr. Pince-nez.
The extension to the southwest of the main building will offer space for the new rescue control center. There will also be 60 double offices for the district administration. Around 21,8 million euros have been calculated for the building and the garage building as part of the building decision. Part of it - probably around 4,7 million euros - is funded through the municipal investment promotion program. In addition, costs that can be assigned to the rescue service can be refinanced via the rescue service fees. In the meantime, 80 percent of the construction trades have been awarded. "With few exceptions, domestic companies were involved," emphasized Grothues. The building is scheduled to be completed in late summer 2021.

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