Police check on New Years and New Years

Police check on New Years and New Years

District of Borken (ots) - The police in the district of Borken also control road users on New Year's Eve and New Year in a targeted and increased manner for alcohol and drug consumption. Because if you get intoxicated at the wheel, you endanger yourself and others. Even after low consumption, the risk of accidents increases many times over. Some drivers quickly "miscalculate" if they think their alcohol consumption is still below the limit. And even on New Year's Day, many should not get stuck behind the wheel so quickly after an extensive celebration - the body needs enough time to break down alcohol.

Road users must therefore expect appropriate controls everywhere in the Borken district on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. A look at the previous year shows that many drivers behave responsibly: on New Year's Eve, the police checked 122 drivers in the district. The result was gratifying - only one of those checked had drunk too much alcohol, and none of the officials found that the drug was influenced.

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