City asks landlords about rent index

City asks landlords about rent index

This week, around 5.000 landlords in Bocholt will receive post from the city administration. The city of Bocholt starts this year with the new creation of the rent index 2022.
Since 2018, the city of Bocholt has had a qualified rent index for non-price-controlled apartments. The qualified rent index Bocholt gives an overview of the local comparative rent in the Bocholt city area. It enables the determination of the local rent for an apartment, taking into account the type, size, equipment, condition and location. City planning officer Daniel Zöhler says: "A lot of positive feedback, both from the landlord and the tenant, in recent years shows that the qualified rent index is actively used and that the demand is high."

Four years after its creation, the rent index must be re-created in accordance with Section 558d Paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) in order to meet the special requirements of a qualified rent index. Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff emphasizes that the city of Bocholt is pursuing the goal of drawing up an up-to-date, qualified rent index that ensures transparency and reliability on the Bocholt rental housing market for all players: “The qualified rent index reflects the local comparative rent and protects landlords from uneconomically low rent and tenants against unjustifiably high rents. We ask the landlords for their help with the creation. "
Comprehensive landlord questionnaire

The city of Bocholt commissioned the research and consulting institute InWIS from Bochum to set it up. The creation is accompanied by an advisory working group, which consists of local representatives from the landlord and tenant side. The first meeting of the “Qualified Rent Index 2022” working group took place digitally at the beginning of March 2021. An eight-page survey questionnaire was discussed and coordinated. Using the questionnaire, which is now being sent to around 5.000 landlords, a representative and well-founded database is to be created for the new qualified rent index. The working group asks for active participation: "The higher the response rate, the more detailed the local comparative rent can be determined."
Kathrin Joormann, chairwoman of the expert committee for property values ​​in the city of Bocholt, adds: “This questionnaire will then be recorded by InWIS Research & Consulting GmbH from Bochum and evaluated using recognized scientific methods. Of course, this is done completely anonymously and in strict compliance with data protection. We will set up a telephone hotline during the survey phase and provide support for the survey ”.

For questions, comments or further information, please contact Kathrin Joormann on Tel. 02871 953-431 or by e-mail or InWIS Research & Consulting GmbH on Tel. 0800 5700-200 or by email at are available.

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