B-youth of 1. FC Bocholt indoor city champion

B-youth of 1. FC Bocholt indoor city champion

The B-youth of 4.FC Bocholt won the indoor city championship title against TuB Bocholt with 3: 1 in the nine-meter shooting. Third was the host DJK SF 97/30 Lowick, who defeated DJK TuS Stenern in the small final. Previously, the U 13 and U 17 juniors of JSG FC Olympia Bocholt / Borussia Bocholt each wore the city master crown.
Krone puts the crown on 1. FC Bocholt
With two parried shots against Mohamed and Abdullah Rezei from TuB Bocholt, Timo Krone, goalkeeper of the youth team of 1. FC Bocholt, put the team on his team's 2019 crown. After a gripping 12 minutes in the final, it was 1-1, the nine-meter shoot had to bring the decision. For 1. FC met Mas Mahn, Jonathan Passens, Kemoh Sacko and Matthis Volmering. Nick Ebben found his master in TuB keeper Lukas Möllenbeck. On the side of “Veilchen” Tom Meiners, Moritz Joensson and Yasim Kemerzi were able to convert their nine meters. The agile and lively Rezei brothers failed at Krone.
Gripping endgame
In the final, TuB Bocholt initially had more of the game and several thick shooting options. Mohammad Rezei initially failed with a fallback and then could not overcome Timo Krone in the FC case in two more attempts. On the other hand, Möllenbeck was on hand against Max Mahn. When Moritz Joensson scored 1: 0 for TuB with a deflected shot, 1. FC was already on the losing road. Outnumbered - Tom Meiners fouled Kemoh Sacko and would have to leave the field for two minutes - the “Schwatten” came to equalize. A great template from Max Mahn turned Nick Ebben into a 1-1 draw.

Text and photo: City Bocholt

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