Corona: Kreis sends a confirmation to those who have recovered

Corona: Kreis sends a confirmation to those who have recovered

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia announced at the weekend that since Monday (May 3, 2021) fully vaccinated and convalescent people have more rights. They are put on an equal footing with those tested negatively - for example at “Click & Meet” in retail stores, when visiting zoos and botanical gardens or the permitted so-called body-friendly services, as well as compulsory testing in schools or entry quarantine. In these cases, fully vaccinated and convalescent patients no longer have to present a negative rapid test result. According to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, immunization can be carried out in the case of recovered persons by proving a positive test result based on laboratory diagnostics (usually: PCR test) and at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago. There are currently no further requirements of the state for the corresponding proof. In many cases, those affected still have their quarantine order, from which the laboratory results can be obtained directly. As a precautionary measure, the district of Borken will now send such evidence to all persons concerned who have been recorded with a positive PCR test at the district health office in the past six months. These letters are currently being produced and dispatched - they will therefore be received by those who have recovered in the coming days. Until then, the district of Borken asks for patience and also to refrain from making inquiries on the telephone hotline for the time being.

Should an appointment be made in advance during this transition period that could take place with confirmation without a test, those affected might simply have to take a free citizen test as before. All quick test sites can be found on the Internet at

The letters are now going out for all those who had a positive result up to the beginning of April (28 days ago). For later infections, it is planned to send out the letters accordingly later every week. If there are uniform documents in the country by then, the district health office will work with them accordingly.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia provides information on many questions about the new regulation on its website atösungenen-zum-corona-virus#35e364cf.

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