District Administrator Zwicker put into service new emergency medical vehicle

District Administrator Zwicker put into service new emergency medical vehicle

Borken County. The fire and rescue station in Borken has a new ambulance emergency vehicle (NEF). The district of Borken as a carrier of ambulance service in the district has now delivered it. District Administrator Kai Zwicker took part in the hand-over appointment with Borkens fire chief Stefan Döking. "It is very important to me that the rescue service is maintained at a high level," he said. The new Mercedes-Benz Vito will now contribute to this.
The car is one of two that the circle has recently procured. The other was put into service on Monday in the Ahaus fire and rescue station. The cost per vehicle is 102.000 Euro. The base vehicle costs 45.000 Euro. In addition, there are expansion costs of 57.000 Euro, as well as the medical and technical equipment. The NEF has the same design as the rescue trucks - meaning that it receives more reflective surfaces than the previous vehicles to be seen by other road users even better than before.
To the background:
The fire and rescue station Borken had 2018 a total of 5.420 emergency operations (rescue transport vehicle: 3.857 and ambulance emergency vehicle: 1.563). There are also 1.910 patient transports. All vehicles are ready for use around the clock for 365 days a year.
Picture line:
Our photo shows from left to right: Theo Just, District Administrator Kai Zwicker, Pascal Busch, Sarah Lena Schebitz, Stefan Döking (Head of Fire and Rescue Station Borken) and Carsten Thien (Head of the Department of Rescue Services in the Department of Security and Order) of the district administration Borken

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