It starts on Monday: Our chance at the doubling action on

On Monday, the 27.05., It starts. Then the Sparkasse starts
Westmünsterland again a doubling action, and our project
"Financing the position of our youth adviser for the children and
Youth "is here!

Just in time for the 13 watch on the 27.05.2019, the starting signal for the action will be given
the savings bank for all individual donations (up to 100 Euro) again the
same amount gives. Overall, the Sparkasse Westmünsterland
for unbelievable 40.000 Euro available. Our children and
Youth work lives from the work of our youth adviser. This place
We have to finance half of our donations each year. We are very happy
grateful for any support. May you help? You can do the following
to do this:

- It's nice when as many people as possible learn about this action.
You are welcome to forward this email.
- We are happy if you support the child and youth work through a donation
- It is important that the donation is made during the promotion period ?? at the
27.05.2019 at 13 clock it starts! The action ends when 40.000 Euro
were doubled.
- In the period of action, the reference to the doubling of donations appears
on your project page. The motto is: "As long as stocks last."
- The donation is only doubled if during the promotion period via this link
donated to the portal of Sparkasse Westmünsterland:

Please support the child and youth work with a donation. We
would be very happy about it!

I wish you a blessed weekend!

Best regards,
Pastor Christian Wahl

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