CDU applies for 500.000 Euro for digital city hall

With 500.000 Euro, the CDU Group wants the IT structure next year
renew in the town hall. She has made an application in the context of
Budget advice.

Our city administration is the contact point for all citizens
for questions and concerns of all kinds available. This personal contact
many Bocholter and Bocholter appreciate. But in this day and age
it is particularly important that the project also? Digital City Hall ?? always on
is pushed forward ??, emphasizes Heinrich Welsing, CDU city councilor and
Chairman of the responsible Personnel Committee. So many processes could
for both the citizen and the administrative staff
simplified and accelerated. Welsing on this: ?? condition is
However, that in addition to the appropriate training of employees, including the
required hardware is available. The presentation in the last
Staff Committee meeting has shown that there is a significant need for action

For this reason, the CDU Group will apply for 500.000 Euro next year
for the renewal and expansion of hardware components.
The importance of this measure also underlines CDU city council
Rainer Venhorst: ?? It is immediate action outside the priority list
required. Without a working IT structure, today
upcoming tasks are not fulfilled. Since the existing hardware the
today's demands is no longer fair, this needs urgently
to be renewed!??

The CDU's deliberations on the budget also included the designated one
Mayor candidate Thomas Kerkhoff participated. On the subject of digitization in
Addressed to the administration, he said: ?? The project? Digital Town Hall ?? becomes
be one of the key topics in the next few years. Here are the
Most administrations still have a lot of potential. With a digital and
Modern management can make the tasks of the future far easier
to be solved. ?? For this reason, he expressly welcomes the request of the CDU
already half a million euros for the required next year
To provide hardware. At the same time, however, it is also important that
Take employees along the way to the Digital City Hall and take them
according to Kerkhoff.

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