"Jucca cultural backpack": children build insect hotels

"Jucca cultural backpack": children build insect hotels


According to the motto “Save the bees”, five new insect hotels have now been built in the “Jucca” leisure facility. Ten children studied bees and other insects for two days. Under the guidance of the pedagogues Nicole Brüggemann and Vera Schlütter, the youth home Jucca saw a lot of sawing, hammering and building. The insect hotels now remain on the grounds of the leisure facility and the “Babaluu” construction playground and are intended to offer many insects the space they need.

The children attended both days with great enthusiasm, and now they want to use their new knowledge to recreate these insect hotels at home.
“The last three weeks of the holidays we will be holding our holiday games again. Thematically we offer the full range of Vikings, Pokemon and the gummy bear gang. Even if a lot will be different in this crazy time, we will hopefully offer all children exciting, eventful weeks. ”Michael Huwe from the youth home“ Jucca ”reports to“ Made in Bocholt ”.

The "Jucca" stands for a unique meeting and youth leisure center on the Aasee, whose sponsor has been the association Freizeitanlage Aa-See Bocholt eV since June 1999.
The meeting place has long become an integral part of the social infrastructure in the Bocholt-Ost social area, offering children, young people and families extensive (service) offers that are gladly accepted. More vacation offers are available at m.facebook.com/pg/Jucca-Bocholt-396242143787833/posts/ <m.facebook.com/pg/Jucca-Bocholt-396242143787833/posts/> to find.

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