Bärbel Sauer for equal treatment of all employees in the city group

Bärbel Sauer for equal treatment of all employees in the city group
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Bärbel Sauer for equal treatment
of all employees in the city group

The Bocholt Borkener Volkablatt had
on July 1 reports that the subsidiaries BEW, Wirtschaftsförderung- und Stadtmarketinggesellschaft and Ewibo voluntarily pay their employees wages in the short-time phase, which is between 90 and 100 percent. And the short-time work allowance is actually only 60 percent of the net wage (67 percent for employees with children). In addition, the minus amount is significantly lower for the subsidiaries than for most other employers in the city.

Councilor and candidate for mayor Bärbel Sauer (Bocholt Social List) considers the comparison to be misleading and explains:

“You have to know that there is no collective agreement for employees at Ewibo, for example. You just receive the bare legal minimum wage. Holidays and working hours also do not meet the collective bargaining standards. All other payments are declared as “voluntary” and can therefore be canceled at any time. There may be exceptions. However, a collective agreement (TVöD) applies to city workers. If the collective agreement also applied to employees at Ewibo, they would be entitled to short-time work benefits of 95 percent of their last net wages, which was also granted to them. However, the supervisory chairman, Mayor Peter Nebelo, otherwise persistently refuses to pay the employees at Ewibo a decent wage and thus treat them equally in the city group. The council groups, which belong to the Ewibo supervisory board through their representatives, have continued to do so to this day. Just three weeks ago, the Committee on Suggestions and Complaints unanimously rejected a corresponding citizens' application from the Bocholt Social List. This is completely unacceptable and unacceptable. Given the low incomes, the short-time work benefit is also meager - even if it exceeds the legal requirements. Not to think about how the pension payments will turn out later. Millions of personnel costs have been saved over the years - at the back and at the expense of the employees. There are also apparently no collective agreements at BEW and the business and city marketing company, otherwise the right to short-time work benefits would also be 95 percent there. Anyone who taps public contracts should set an example in the application of collective agreements and maintain good working conditions. Cheap harms purchasing power, the general public and social security institutions. "

Bärbel Sauer, councilor and mayor candidate

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