CDU Bocholt East meets traditional football club VfL 45 Bocholt eV

CDU Bocholt East meets traditional football club VfL 45 Bocholt eV
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On Thursday before the long Whitsun weekend, the board met the
Bocholt CDU Ortsverbandes Ost Representatives of the football club VfL 45 Bocholt
in their clubhouse to find solutions to various topics of the club
to discuss. The representatives of the association included managing directors
Siegfried Welling and Chairman of the Board Jochen Bradatsch.

After various rumors from the past, according to which the club
supposedly close to breaking up, VfL 45 has been in business for two
Years economically and sportily on the upswing. To date, the club has
again 13 teams, including 9 youth teams built. According to the
But managers start the problems right here. In Bocholt be the
Association currently the only one, the only one floodlight for only two
Sports fields is available. In winter, when it gets dark early, and
in tournaments is too little illuminated playing area for all teams
available. A second floodlight system would be the first step to this
Problem solved, Welling. Furthermore, the club wishes one
another football field for the Bambini. Here you can imagine,
the adjacent football pitch ?? expand, so that at VfL 45 continue
about 130 children, about 50% with migration background, buzz around

The club has already renovated the changing rooms in recent years and the
40-year-old heating replaced by a new one. In the future you want to go
Possibility to modernize the institution of the clubhouse. We want here
create a cozy, family atmosphere where everyone can talk to anyone
and where every kid feels good, Welling says.

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