Improvisation Orchestra in Bocholt: Musicians wanted!

Improvisation Orchestra in Bocholt: Musicians wanted!

Bocholt (PID). The city of Bocholt is looking for musicians who would like to participate in an improvisation orchestra. Under the guidance of two members of the Wuppertal Improvisation Orchestra (WIO), anyone can join in who can play an instrument independently. In preparation for a concert on Saturday, 22. June 2019, found on Friday and Saturday, 1. and 2. June 2019, two workshops held. The workshops take place from 11 - 13 clock in the lecture hall of the young university, Stenerner way 14a, in Bocholt.
An orchestra that plays without notes and is conducted by different members - How should this work? In the workshops, Gunda Gottschalk and Georg Wissel from the WIO explain how interaction can be structured with the help of selected conducting marks. "All instruments are welcome - no matter if wind instruments, plucked drums or keys", so the organizers. Participation costs (including break drinks) 10,00 Euro.
Each member of the orchestra can determine the musical progression as "conductor" on the basis of selected characters. "Thus, the interaction of a large number of individual voices and instrumental sounds is confronted with a structural and directional element," explain the organizers.
Joint concert in the textile factory
On the two workshop days, the two professional musicians prepare all participants for this, in concert with the Improvisations Orchestra at 22. June at the Textilwerk Bocholt. The concert will begin at 20 o'clock, before a rehearsal of one and a half hours will take place with the entire orchestra and all workshop participants.
The workshops and the concert are part of the Münsterland Sound Art Festival SOUNDSEEING, organized by the Landesmusikakademie NRW. More information is available at, Interested musicians can register by e-mail

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