City wants to lower the city hall foyer

City wants to lower the city hall foyer

As part of the renovation of the town hall, the city wants to lower the foyer and make so many steps disappear. This should ensure accessibility. But the monument protection is against. He advocates moving the elevator to the right on the left next to the first staircase and extending another elevator to the foyer. Now it wants the city to arrive after a unanimous decision of the Council on a ministerial decision.

It will always be expensive. The solution favored by the monument protection costs 280.000 Euro. The unanimously adopted yesterday by the city council meeting variant beats expected more than 400.000 Euro to book, but have much more benefits, said City Councilor Daniel Zöhler. Foyer and citizen information are then available at ground level. In addition, the foyer can be expanded by wider steps, which could also serve as a seat, to a kind of atrium, it said.

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