Using synergy effects: CDU demands not to wait with the redevelopment of the east wall

Using synergy effects: CDU demands not to wait with the redevelopment of the east wall
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Due to millions of private investments are currently being created at both
Sides of the east wall attractive new buildings. In the foreseeable future, the
City to revise and optimize the traffic management in this area. There
However, this measure is only listed on position 26 of the priority list
is missing in the current budget for the year 2020. The CDU wants
to change this in the context of budgetary discussions.

In the coming year work will still be carried out on the Ostwall and this through
the construction work partially blocked. It does not open to us
why the city should stand idly by at this time, a little later
even there to open a new construction site. Rather, the city should also
Now start construction work on optimized traffic management to
further restrictions for the citizens as low as possible
hold ??, demands CDU city councilor Rainer Venhorst. Venhorst, too
Chairman of the Construction Committee is continues: ?? The private investments
are very welcome from an urban planning point of view. The East Wall will be in this
Area upgraded by the attractive new buildings. This development
we should accompany by a timely optimization of the traffic zones and
not hindered by later construction works. ??

The CDU therefore requests, as part of the budgetary discussions, the necessary
To provide funds of up to 620.000 Euro for this purpose. Indeed
she still sees room for improvement in the planning. Venhorst: "Currently is
another traffic light over the ring at the Augustastraße planned. This
we do not consider necessary. Therefore, we request that the plans
revised and then presented in the responsible building committee. The
According to the CDU application, new plans are also planned for possible dismantling
Take into account a lane of the Stadtring. ?? Once the outer city ring
With the north and east ring completely closed, the deconstruction must
a lane of the inner city ring to be a serious consideration. This
could thus be released exclusively for cycling and also planted
become. That's how a green city center ring would form, "explains Venhorst

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