Bärbel Sauer on the treasurer position: "Injustice stinks to heaven"

Bärbel Sauer on the treasurer position: "Injustice stinks to heaven"
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Bärbel Sauer on the treasurer position:
"Injustice stinks to heaven"

The council factions of the SPD and the city party want the treasurer's office to become a department head that provides for a significantly higher payment - around EUR 800 per month. The current treasurer will change to the Märkischer Kreis on September 15th.

Councilwoman and mayor candidate Bärbel Sauer (Bocholt Social List) cannot understand this sudden actionism and explains:

“It would have been good if the experienced treasurer and expert on administration, Kai Elsweier, had continued his work in Bocholt. It is not known whether his departure has anything to do with the salary payment. Now to make a departmental position out of it, with a significantly higher payment, trigger mixed feelings in me. Also and especially in view of the fact that the same groups that initiated this application sit on the Ewibo Supervisory Board and have so far allowed Ewibo employees to receive only the bare minimum wage. All other conditions also do not correspond to the spirit of a collective agreement. The collective bargaining agreements at Ewibo that I and our electorate have repeatedly requested have so far been categorically hidden. I miss the necessary initiative from the members of the Supervisory Board, chaired by Mayor Peter Nebelo. After all, it should be a matter of course that the employees of the city and the city's daughters are treated equally and the Ewibo employees are not treated like second-class employees. The public services collective agreement (TVöD) applies to city employees, whereas only the legal regulations apply to Ewibo employees. The injustice stinks to heaven, it is homemade and is simply accepted, although it should be known that old-age poverty is being promoted here. As long as the condition
when the Ewibo does not change, I can solc{} CAPTION

he also does not approve of council proposals. "

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