Flender allows 800 vaccines to fight polio

Flender allows 800 vaccines to fight polio

Last week, the Flender Juniorenkreis, an in-house talent development program, handed over the 80.000 lid to beverage bottles to the association "Deckel drauf eV" for the Rotary initiative "End Polio Now". The association had called in his project "cover against polio" to donate the plastic lid. The collected lids are recycled in order to use the proceeds to finance vaccinations against poliomyelitis (polio). For each 500 lid a vaccination can be paid. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has joined the Rotary Initiative and tripled the number of vaccinations. The Flender GmbH has also agreed to triple the collective success of the junior circle to the same extent. Thus 80.000 vaccinations against polio could be obtained from the 800 lids.
Collecting containers were set up at the Flender locations. For one year, employees from all sectors brought their lids to the collection points. Polio is a poliovirus-induced infectious disease that has affected hundreds of thousands of children every year in the 80 years. Today the disease occurs only in three countries. However, all children worldwide are at risk, as long as only one child is ill. Therefore, it is important that all countries become and remain polio-free. This requires massive and large-scale vaccination measures. That's why every lid counts.

Press photo: Sabrina Sperl, Stefan Heiming and Markus Bartsch (from left) from the Flender Juniorenkreis and HR Manager Hans-Wilhelm Schmoor (right) with part of the 80.000 lids collected by Flender employees for the fight against polio.

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